Campaign Workflow Design

Campaign Workflow is Fundamental Insight’s module for integrated management of all the stages in your marketing campaign. We provide a 360º vision of consumers/suppliers/staff, in order to analyze responses better and help you make the right decisions.

With full autonomy and from a single platform We are able to:

  • Analyze data
  • Identify segments
  • Select your target
  • Design/Develop your unique campaign
  • Identify the best channels for launch
  • Maintain control monitoring
  • Identify the micro-segments that register better responses and refocus the campaign on them.
  • Analyze the results
  • Reuse the information by reloading all data and redefining segments for your next campaign

Campaign Workflow creates a circle of high added value for your business by providing total and immediate control over all campaigns.

By integrating transactional data with campaign results, our Campaign Workflow Design puts advanced analytics into action to draw consumers’ profiles with relevant variables, project them adequately for a precise segmentation and select from it the most accurate target.

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